Names Divine Band

Names Divine is a 9 member band from Chicago, IL touring the USA. Starting 2006 as Call Me on the Allophone and changing names with the addition of a 2nd now-retired member in 2009, Names Divine has grown up to be 14 members wide before settling in to its core. Names Divine performs originals, jazz standards, blues classics, and songs by friends and family in a psychedelic blues avant-goth rock n twang style featuring acerbic female vocals, operatic male harmonies, guitars, bass, violin, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, percussion, alternate tunings, and a hell of a lot of soul.


Current Members:

Kendra Calhoun (Manhattan Raid) – guitar, harmonica, vocals
Ike Floor – Vocals, Violin, Mandolin
Justin Cheng (Panda Riot, Joywheels) – Bass
Joe Dummitt (CMI) – Trumpet, Percussion
Lukas Wolever (RRRainbow Family, Nude Sunrise, Sunshine 9, Purple Chong) – Drums, Power Electronics
Lara Bourbon (RRRainbow Family) – Vocals, Tambourine
Kalina Malyszko – Clarinet, Saxophone

Heather Lynn (Pure Magical Love) – Percussion

Retired Members:

Jillian Musielak – Drums

Nicole Miller – Theremin
Jon Ziemba – Drums
Brooks Johnson – Drums
Right Eye Rita – Bass
Marcus Kirby – Guitar
Morgan Krauss – Flute

Names Divine has recorded two albums.

One self-released as “Call Me on the Allophone, Names Divine” in 2009 titled Rob Steele and the Black Relationship.
The other to be released on Perilous Records, May 13th, 2011, titled Something Vague and Maybe Rottingwhich.
Influences include Neil Young, Jandek, William Blake, and David Lynch as well as the jazz, noise, and country genres, resulting in something newly psychedelic, as the American blues have always been.